Reserving Mcity

If you have previously reserved time in the Mcity Test Facility, or if you are a University of Michigan faculty member, staff or student, login now.

If your company is new to Mcity, you will first need to download and execute the standard Mcity Track Agreement and submit a certificate of liability insurance, as outlined in Attachment B.  After your documents have been submitted, you may create your account to access the scheduling system.  University of Michigan users are not required to complete a track agreement.

Mcity Track Agreement: Attachment A

Mcity rates are based on membership level and affiliation with the University.  To determine your company’s membership level, view our partners here.

  • Mcity Leadership Circle Member Rates
  • Mcity Affiliate Member Rates
  • University of Michigan Internal Rates
  • External Academic Institution Rates
  • Start-Up Company Rates
  • Non-Member Company Rates

Mcity Cancellation Policy

All reservations may be cancelled at no charge within 2 business days after they are made, regardless of their length or number of days reserved. 

If you cancel after the cutoff windows below, Mcity will attempt to rebook your cancelled time. You will be charged for any portion of this time Mcity is not able to rebook.

For reservations:

  • 1-3 consecutive full or partial days of testing: Cancellations must be made at least 3 business days in advance in order to avoid incurring charges. 
  • 4 or more consecutive full days of testing or a special event of any length: Cancellations must be made at least 3 weeks in advance in order to avoid incurring charges.

A special event is defined as any use of the facility where any of the following are true:

  • Does not involve research or testing of a product or service
  • Requires coordination of Mcity event staff, or other U-M staff